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Know-how to Read

  • Dasset, compound word of "digital asset", is a simulation system of digital asset omnificence.
  • Dasset™ is an unregistered trademark for the Dasset system. The dictionary is available at Dasset™ Dictation.
  • dasset and bud are two terms to objectize the quantifiable Dasset instances.
  • Dassetization is the key concept to the Dasset system.

How to Test (for Developers)

  • Run a private blockchain, e.g., ethereum, etc.
  • Run a content repo, e.g., ipfs, etc.
  • Checkout the source codes from Dasset Lab and configure the environment, e.g., nodejs, meteor, etc. Checklist
  • Test the project step by step as guided in the package's README.

How to Join (for Users)

  • Visit Dasset™ and register your omni account.
  • Download mobile apps Dasset™ Go(iOS) or Dasset™ OTG(android).

Have A Great Day!