About Dasset

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Dasset is a digital asset system with an omni digital asset format and unit to quantify the value of the digital world.

A typical atomic dasset is composed of identify (ID), ownership (ON), value (VL), underlying (UL), reference (RF), etc., each of which has specific data structure.

As essential part of the Dasset ecosystem, a cluster of blockchain OTT applications include account domain systems (blockstack), identity domain systems (quarkonium), value simulators (quarkonium), transformation tools (bao@ethereum), value repository systems (bas@ipfs), plugin toolkits (allbot), etc.


Dasset builds a federal system in the digital world with constitutional facilities. Three technologies are employed to develop the proof of concept (POC) oriented methodology:

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

DLT is adopted as fundamental mechanism to run the systems.

Over The Top (OTT)

OTT is another technology to formulate and diversify the ecosystem.

Offline To Online (O2O)

O2O is also the operational methodology to enrich the ecosystem.

Proof of Concept

DLT implementation is the master proof of concept of Dasset. OTT deployment of proof of concepts deepens the ecosystem. O2O instances of proof of concepts widen the ecosystem.

Role Taking

Dasset system has the boundary and is connected to the real world by "account", "underlying" and/or "reference". Each role has an account.

Internet of Value

Dasset objectizes the digital asset in an omni simulator and breaks down them into dasset and bud which are quantifiable and transferrable.



  • Distributed collaboration via face2face meetups in New York City, City of London, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc.
  • Remote slack and other agreed channels for working communication.



  • Blockchain Asset Omnificence (BAO)
  • Blockchain Asset System (BAS)


  • SAAS
  • Open Source
  • Tech Solutions


  • Dasset Simulator
  • Smart Cloud